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When Ron and Michael Warlich Jonkman first saw the first LED lights, they knew immediately what was missing. The new technique saves a lot of electricity but the light does not have the desired quality. "There's got to be a better way." So it came that the two Dutch experts with 20 years experience in the field of electronics travelled through the world looking for the best components with one goal in mind: To build the best light that is technically possible. However, they did not find what they were looking for. Instead they used their combined knowhow to design and develop products in exactly that quality that they found previously wanting.

Ron Warlich as IT Process Optimizer envisioned the entire production process. Important to him is the clientele and their changing needs. Hence any element of each product must be easily interchangeable. Michael Jonkman as development manager and creative mind of his own electronics company has aquired a vast experience in product development. His credo: Continuous improvement and superior product quality ensuring the brand's success as well as being an investment with sustainable use for the client.

This interaction of development and production know-how results in maximum expertise and culminated in 2010 in formation of "Illumisound" - LED: Lights of the highest quality and efficiency, which can promptly be adapted to the requirements of clients... Each light is pure efficiency. Each part an expression of its function.

Living proof of the success of their concept is the initial development of the linear luminaire High Bay II Elite which is now successfully in its third generation on the market. It was honoured with the 1st place by Jacobs University in a test of more than 400 products where it won the "Best LED lamp" category.


Good enough is only the beginning of our ideas for your solutions. We are always looking for absolute quality with an extremely functional operation of all our products. Where excellent service is self-evident.

Our ambition and passion go out to innovative light solutions that have to be energy-efficient, without compromising quality and atmosphere. We understand better than anyone that you can feel extremely comfortable in an environment where you spend a lot of time every day.


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Marc Hakvoort, CEO