Hak4t brightest light solutions

What is your contribution to the world?

Hak4t Brightest Light Solutions (Hak4t group) creates innovative sustainable lighting solutions for buildings in the (semi) government, commercial real estate, industry and agricultural sectors, in which light-transmissive constructions in glass and / or plastic are leading. Where necessary, it is supported with dynamic artificial light or braked by solar and heat protection and if possible integrated with solar energy solutions. This creates a unique energy neutral light climate.

The mission of Hak4t is to help people and animals feel good, perform better and get more out of life through the influence of as much natural daylight as possible. The innovative lighting concept from Hak4t is 'bright' on several levels. By using nature as the main source of energy, not only Hak4t but also the end user makes a sustainable contribution to the world.

See below how our smart lighting solution works:

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Marc Hakvoort, CEO